Метка: Alter Bridge

Alter Bridge Ties That Bind слова песни 26.12.2019 Автор: admin

Ties That Bind I tear on the leashThat keeps me contained and controlledLet me goI want to break freeAnd bite my way out of this hole[Chorus]One last hopeTo rise and break awayAbove the faded lineWay beyond the ties that bindThis I knowThe risk is worth the gainIt′s worth the sacrificeWay beyond the ties that bindI […]

Alter Bridge Wayward One слова песни 29.11.2019 Автор: admin

Wayward One And they cryAnd they callAs the wayward walk aloneCity lightsUrban sprawlIn a place no one should knowShown no graceShown no loveThese mean streets are meant for none[Chorus:]Take them back to the startLet the purest of heartKnow their worth is still spokenAs they fight to existWe neglect and resistLet this circle be brokenBroken homesBroken […]

Alter Bridge White Knuckles слова песни 20.11.2019 Автор: admin

White Knuckles Are you still lost tonight?Living but dead insideThis is a proclamationThis is a call to riseAre you abused, alone?Walking with broken bonesIf you feel you′ve been forgottenLet this song guide you homeWe are the disillusionedWe′ve been left wanting moreBefore every aspiration hits the floor[Chorus:]Hold on for your lifeAll we feel is so far […]