Метка: Alter Bridge

Alter Bridge Come To Life слова песни 09.07.2019 Автор: admin

Come To Life Heytore away the veil of weaknessThe enemy now lies beneath usI think we′re safeHeyWon′t be held down any longerNo disgrace and no dishonorKeep us chained[Chorus:]There′s nothing we should have to fearIt′s alrightWe′ve come to lifeWe′ll never shed another tearIt′s alrightWe′ve come to lifeHeythe bulletproof are so resilientTo every fool with an opinionThey […]

Alter Bridge Shed My Skin слова песни 16.06.2019 Автор: admin

Shed My Skin I am not aloneI live with the memories regret is my homeThis is my true freedomExpress all the feelings of what I′ve becomeI watch the rising sunI hope I find some peace today[CHORUS]It seems I′ve gone awayIt seems I′ve lost myselfIt seems really lost my wayIt seems I′ve lost myselfIt seems I′ve…Shed […]

Alter Bridge Blackbird слова песни 31.03.2019 Автор: admin

Blackbird The willow it weeps todayA breeze from the distance is calling your nameUnfurl your black wings and waitAcross the horizon it′s coming to sweep you awayIt′s coming to sweep you away[Chorus:]Let the wind carry you homeBlackbird fly awayMay you never be broken againThe fragile cannot endureThe wrecked and the jaded a place so impureThe […]