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Brandy all in me слова песни 06.12.2019 Автор: admin

all in me [VERSE 1] There′s so much going on You can think of me When your hope is gone You can think of me To get through anything You can think of me I′m here as long as you need me When nothing seems to work You can think of me Your heart is […]

Brandy wow слова песни 20.11.2019 Автор: admin

wow No more sittin′ at home at night Waiting for you to come home No more will I cry for you I′ve found somebody new No more late night phone calls Don′t even bother at all When I was there for you You took me for granted Now he loves me The way, I wanted […]

Brandy learn the hard way слова песни 03.11.2019 Автор: admin

learn the hard way [Chorus] It′s a shame you have to learn the hard way Now I have to take my love away U see I could′ve made it easy For you to become a part of me You could′ve even say I′m sorry For all the hurt and pain you caused me Now I […]