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Ciara Bang It Up слова песни 12.01.2020 Автор: admin

Bang It Up C.I.A.R.A. (I.A.R.) C.I.A.R.A. (I.A.R.) C.I.A.R.A. (I.A.R.) C.I.A.R.A. (I.A.R.) I feel it, it’s in me tonight I see this tonight, I’m pulling up I see him, he’s walking out He gives me the eye, and he’s a thug What’s the deal, I’m 21 I′m legal hey, now I′m free to run That’s the […]

Ciara I Proceed слова песни 09.01.2020 Автор: admin

I Proceed [Verse 1:] It′s serious. I don′t care if you′re in your car. I don′t care if you′re on the dance floor. And it don′t matter who you are. It takes you over. [Hook:] It′s crazy what could you be doing (what you doing)? Tell me how come you′re not move (why aren′t you […]

Ciara Promise слова песни 07.01.2020 Автор: admin

Promise Come enjoy the lifeBaby take ya timeI just wanna find you (you) you (you)Baby you and I can have a good timeTell me wat you like ooh ooh[Talking:]Now listen. I′ve been single for awhile now.And I been kinda lonelyI′ve been looking for somebody to talk to, love me, someone who can hold meIs that […]