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Clawfinger Sick Of Myself слова песни 07.12.2019 Автор: admin

Sick Of Myself I′m good for nothing, I′m a fucking bad excuse The truth is that I just can′t be of any use So show me where the noose is and watch me when I die I′ve made so many knots that I don′t know how to untie I′ve tried every angle, tried to handle […]

Clawfinger Chances слова песни 03.12.2019 Автор: admin

Chances Are you satisfied with everything the way it is Are you stuck in the conformity of minding your own biz Does a confrontation make you want to turn and run And do you think about the things you like to have undone Are you scared of looking back at all the things you′ve said? […]

Clawfinger Out To Get Me слова песни 30.11.2019 Автор: admin

Out To Get Me They′re out get me,I can′t escape cos′ they won′t let me They won′t forget me,They′ll get me in their grip and sweat me They′ll wait me out,and then move in under my skin They′ll make me doubt,They′re out to make me let them in I can′t escape them, there′s nowhere I […]