Метка: Coldplay

текст песни Coldplay Hypnotised 05.01.2021 Автор: admin

Been rusting in the rubble Running to a faint Need a brand new coat of paint Found myself in trouble Thinking about what ain’t Never gonna be a saint Saying float like an eagle Fall like the rain Pouring in to put out the pain Oh again and again Now I’m hyp, hypnotised Yeah I […]

Coldplay Clocks слова песни 02.01.2020 Автор: admin

Clocks Lights go out and I can′t be saved Tides that I tried to swim against Put me down upon my knees Oh I beg, I beg and plead Singing come out of things unsaid Shoot an apple off my head And trouble that can′t be named Tigers waiting to be tamed Singing you are… […]

Coldplay Til Kingdom Come слова песни 21.09.2019 Автор: admin

Til Kingdom Come Steal my heart and hold my tongue. I feel my time, my time has come. Let me in, unlock the door. I′ve never felt this way before. The wheels just keep on turning, The drummer begins to drum, I don′t know which way I′m going, I don′t know which way I′ve come. […]