Метка: Crazy

Ne-Yo Crazy слова песни 02.01.2020 Автор: admin

Crazy [Jay-Z] And Ne-yo is like young Michael, I′m Quincy hoe Now hear the flow that broke the Da Vinci code I′m psycho Everything i wrote go Together so nice Like a wedding make you wanna throw rice I′m schitzo Koo-koo clock don′t tick so Write sometimes til the chicks noodles I got screws loose […]

Usher Crazy слова песни 05.12.2019 Автор: admin

Crazy I′m crazy, so crazy I′m crazy about you I′m crazy so crazy, about you (Crazy ′bout you baby) What kind of love is this That keeps me hypnotized — cant′ get you off My mind Don′t ever let it end — let it go on and on and on Cause you know it turns […]

Clawfinger Crazy слова песни 21.04.2019 Автор: admin

Crazy I think I′m going crazy I loosing my mind ′cos the logic of the story is impossible to find Like a talking head I′m gonna making sense ′cos bad news is like sitting on a burning fence I′ve got one hot minute of the higher ground And like Simon said I know the silence […]