Метка: Cypress Hill

Cypress Hill Red, Meth & B слова песни 15.10.2019 Автор: admin

Red, Meth & B Y′all ready for this?Ha! I don′t think so!Yeah! Oh, listen to this!We gonna come at ya![Redman]Cypress Hill!Yo yo yo — all my niggas say jump up, doc broke out the kennelA dog on four paws spittin′ out the windowJump up! It aint no need to fightWe may squeeze the pipe, you […]

Cypress Hill Catastrophe слова песни 19.04.2019 Автор: admin

Catastrophe (B-Real)I slay punks who don′t know their own identityYou spit my name and use it like an obscenityYou got more skulls in your closet than a KennedyYou on my nuts so you better hold tenderlyI can tell you what′s crackin′ and done get splittenYou corrosin′ on the floor, shaken and snake bittenYou in a […]

Cypress Hill Amplified слова песни 16.01.2019 Автор: admin

Amplified [Intro]* \»Say what?\» scratched repeatedly *[Sen Dog]I be that, short-temper, hostile rhyme bringerLifestyle gone wild, similar to rock singersCheck me on the big screen, livin′ out my dreamsCypress, Assassins, SX, latin thug thingFools think they get bad, I ain′t really with thatFlavour of the month, bro, (?) try to dispatchAlways got the good badge, […]