The Cat Empire Saltwater слова песни

27.12.2019 Автор: admin

Saltwater I’ve got the clouds on a string That I pull with my little finger elegantly What is this oh what’s this music on the breeze It sounds like all my holidays when my father used to say: ‘Let’s go down to the beach’ And we’d go down to the beach My little sisters and me Sometimes a man can feel like he is just a puppet And the wind blows him here and blows him there But when I kiss you my dear I feel like a buccaneer And water makes its music everywhere CHORUS Saltwater Oh how I miss your misty kisses Saltwater Oh what expressionless bliss Is this? I’ve got the sky in my eyes As I lie on my back in the deep blue sea What is this oh what could this strange feeling be? It feels like: It feels like: It feels like: I don’t know what it feels like But it feels right Sometimes a man is like an icecream in a desert And he wonders what is it we seek? Like water runs through your fingers Memories rise up from the deep.