Unwritten Law Coffin Text слова песни

18.12.2019 Автор: admin

Coffin Text There was a time when men would prosperThey saw a sign that would offer them the keyImmortalityThe desert sand held a place of recourseTheir motivation driven by higher sourceA higher sourceThey let them know there′s something moreThe writings on the wallTell us the story of it allIt makes no senseShow me the keyThe coffin textThe disbelievers came to conquerThe secrets lost in a buried desert tombThey sealed the truthAs evolution at the pharoahSilenced the voice that cured all our sorrowOh, our sorrowSilenced the voice that let us knowFighting, learning, saving, burningNever know what is coming nextLying, stealing, never healingSafe to say we′ve all beed hexedIt′s in the coffin text