Westlife Beautiful In White слова песни

27.11.2019 Автор: admin

Beautiful In White Not sure if you know thisBut when we first metI got so nervous I couldn′t speakIn that very momentI found the one andMy life had found its missing piece(*)So as long as I live I love youWill heaven hold youYou look so beautiful in whiteAnd from now to my very last breathThis day I′ll cherishYou look so beautiful in whiteTonightWhat we have is timelessMy love is endlessAnd with this scream ISay to the worldYou′re my every reason you′re all that I believe inWith all my heart I mean every worldoooh ohYou look so beautiful in whiteNa na na naSo beautiful in whiteTonightAnd if our daughter′s what our future holdsI hope she has your eyesFinds love like you and I didYeah, I wish she falls in love and I will let her goI′ll walk her down the aisleShe′ll look so beautiful in whiteYou look so beautiful in whiteYou look so beautiful in white