Xzibit Handle Your Business слова песни

06.01.2020 Автор: admin

Handle Your Business featuring Defari Herut [Xzibit] Yeah, uh, what, worldwide Yeah, Im forever, ever lastin, spread the wealth Procrastination like masturbation, your fuckin yourself So we gonna move on em quickly (what) No chance to think about coming back Chain smoke em, turn they lungs black See I was raised to love black, but sometimes Black folks wanna sweat you harder than the one-time Never participate in dumb, def and blind shit Plus I got my little man, so daily I′m reminded The ride only gets rougher (right) But I′ll be damned if me and my niggas suffer Smuggle this motherucker with the raw shit, I′m blessed wit Lookin at the world, burned for the young and the desperate Showed heart, but got cardiac arrested More than a nigga with an image and a press kit The wreck hits, creates desert land, desolate The whole intent to rock the shit, keep the herb lit Chorus: Xzibit (Defari) Handle your business before your business handles you Mister X to the Z (and Defari Herut), one two (Remain true, regardless what we go through) Yeah, handle your business so you can stand on your on two *repeat* [Defari Herut] Everyday I puts in down in LA, hustle in this Assassin lyricist, serious, muscle in this I call the bets, I know we got coordinates on more games to wreck We blaze shows, never no Half Step Tactics, B-Boys, no games no antics No false images, no bullshit semantics We planned this, for hundred of thousands Reignin/Rainin on they brains with lyrics, from the mountains Don′t contemplate what you can′t even demostrate Defari lottery draftpick, never the second rate Nigga who wanna hate but front like its all great I gots no time for these emotional niggas, I gots to motivate Moves to make, best rhyme straight That′s for the old school, this here′s our year, it′s time to elevate Handle this, don′t hesitate got money to make Push maximum levels from the Golden State Chorus [Defari Herut] This combination′s high calibre Hatians stay amazed and confused like this was algebra I′m scoutin the, best land for property Never sloppily, picture someone stoppin me >From gettin mine, line after line And you wonder why I call these fake niggas Miller they think they Genuine; I′m startin to shine, imported Italian With a custom made Herut charm as my medallion [Xzibit] Seem like, I recite the same prayer every night Watch my folks, make sure my dogs stay tight And fully prepared to gunfight in broad daylight Till then, lick it to the chin, let it begin We could break bread or break skin; and watch me send it Try not to break the law, sometimes I gotta bend it And my directions, suggest for your own protection You motherfuckers keep it movin like an intersection Chorus Serious business *scratched in background* Fuck you, like that Mr.
X to the Z, Defari Herut.
Yeah, yeah right? *3X* What, keep it movin like this y′all